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"It is the job that is never started, that takes the longest to finish" - J.R.R. Tolkien

EVHN is an acronym for End Veteran Homelessness Now. The idea was to recycle shipping containers by building them into safe housing for homeless veterans with dependent families. In retrospect however, the need for housing is so great that it would be selfish of me to limit housing to military families. As a veteran, I take great pride in having protected this state and nation. To provide housing for our less fortunate is just the right thing to do and it is a mission worthy of undertaking.

It's no secret the housing market is tight in Denver. Imagine living paycheck to paycheck and then losing your job. Not being able to afford a place for yourself? What if you had children? Can you see yourself living out of a car? If you were lucky to even have one?

My goal is to save families. If we could eliminate the need for safe and stable housing, folks could have the opportunity to concentrate on their families, and return to a semblance of normalcy.

ProjectEVHN uses shipping containers and repurposes them into homes in an effort to combat homelessness. The model at the top of the page depicts a larger home that is reasonably accommodate a small family yet can be assembled quickly and inexpensively. 

My plan is to offer at least two or three models depending on the needs of the family.

ProjectEVHN is currently in its start up phase and is always looking for partners. Be it individual, company, or agency, help is always needed and very much appreciated.


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